Thursday, June 24, 2004

Attendance, Scores, Ranking, and Such...

Yet another Summer Acadec Session passes successfully into history, and here's the general outcome:

ATTENDANCE: All teams had at least five in attendance (out of nine)--not bad. White team had six--go White Apocalypse! You get the attendance banner (which we still need to make).

SPIRIT BANNER: Mr. Weatherford informed me that there was a team math challenge, and Black team took the honors--so they get the Spirit Banner!


Drum Roll Please...Ok--here are the scores (Ranked)

1. Melissa Hernandez (black) 923
2. Noemi Beltran (black) 846*
3. Victor Serrano (white) 846
4. Jonathan Vines (white) 846
5. Rocio Beltran (purple) 769
6. Richard Castro (purple) 692*
7. Cassie Hernandez (silver) 692
8. Laura Ponce (black) 692
9. Mireya Soto (black) 692
10. Daniel Briones (black) 615*
11. Briseida Herrera (white) 615
12. Victor Martinez (silver) 615
13. Elier Torres (white) 615
14. Tonya Arias (white) 538*
15. Iveth Villegas (purple) 538
16. Maria Martinez (purple) 462
17. Baldemar Rios (white) 385
18. Michael Gonzales (silver) 308
19. Ivonee Diaz (silver) 231*
20. Isaac Martinez (silver) 231
21. Mauricio Munoz (purple) 154

*Many of the scores were actually ties. Unfortunately, for the overall ranking, we then go alphabetically by last name. Don't worry, this only happens when there's only one test on the ranking.

TEAM SCORES: Only the top five scores for each team were counted, althought it's interesting to note that the outcome would have been exactly the same had it been only the top three, four, two, one, etc. This was a decisive victory...

1. Black Ravens 3,768
2. White Apocalypse 3,460
3. Purple Lynx 2,615
4. Silver Sages 2,077

Congrats to Melissa Hernandez for making Top Gun, Highest Overall Individual, AND leading the winning team! Go Ravens!

NEXT MEETING: is Wednesday, July 7th 12-3pm. We will test over Math--if you weren't at this past meeting, and you're not up on your trigonometry, you might want to talk to your team captain and ask very nicely if he/she can get to the meeting early enough to tutor you before the test.

Well--we are on the road, and I'm pleased. A veteran in the top slot, a couple of rookies closing in, both new team captains ahead of the two veteran team captains. Academic Decathlon, as always, is unpredictable and full of surprises. With work, anyone could be on top by the end of next session...see you there!

Monday, June 21, 2004

Meeting. Wednesday. Be There.

Alright...the game is on, and Wednesday we get to see the following:

1. Which team has the highest attendance
2. Which team takes the lead on the first test (Antigone)
3. Which Decathlete starts off at the top of the Overall Individual Ranking.

Time: Wednesday, June 23rd, 12:00-3:00
Place: Portable #7 (for you, Isaac)
Bring: Money for Pizza, and your Antigone Resource if you want to do any last minute cramming.

Just a reminder--your attendance at summer sessions (or lack thereof) can adversely affect your first six weeks grade. And make your team captain very, very, angry.

On the other hand, a head start in the summer usually pays off in the fall when the competition REALLY heats up.

Good Luck, and make your team proud...

Sunday, June 13, 2004

The Life of a Team Captain....

Last Wednesday was my first real experience of being a team captain I was in charge of all the rookies in the white team, it was just me and no other veterans, but I didn't mind after all I am a team captain and my job is to look out for the team. I got to know people in my team that I didn't know like Tonya and Briseida, who I was impressed with because they learn the creed pretty quickly and they seem like they want to work hard for the team. The other two rookies that showed up were Baldemar and Angelica, I was not so impressed by them because I already knew what to expect, well I expect the team as a whole to do good. I hope I can be a good leader because all of them are counting on me. Well I must say is feel good to be the team captain of a winning team. I must also say it feels horrible to be the team captain of a losing team, like I mentioned before my team was in last place and I was sure glad when Mr. Locke announced that the white apocalypse had won the banner for the creed challenge. My rookies probably don't know what it means to win in an acadec competition, but I will make sure to make them understand the meaning of winning and the sadness of defeat. By the way my first round pick Jonathan Vines couldn't make it, but he will be back for the next meeting and that will improve our chances greatly, at least I hope it does. I still think is weird when they put my name as a team captain, but it is also a great experience and so far I like my team now is up to me to make sure we work hard, a couple of people had told me that I have a good team, but having a good team is meaningless if my team is not dedicated and do their best to meet their expectations. Well I am looking forward for our next competition specially since is going to be rookies and veterans put together that is going to interesting. Everybody take care and I will see you when I see you!

Thursday, June 10, 2004


For anyone who missed the meeting this past Wednesday, I'm posting a link to an online text of Antigone:

Read and enjoy!

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Post-Meeting Stuff

Congratulations to Victor S. and the White team for winning the first spirit banner this summer in our "Decathlete's Creed" challenge.

Also, congratulations to the Rocio and the Purple team for having the biggest team turnout today--shouldn't we make a banner for that, too? Volunteers?

To those absent, you missed a great time and possibly the "easiest" session this summer. Please contact your team captain to find out what you missed, and what you need to do to prepare for the next meeting.

As promised, here is the link to download the math basic guide. If you have any troubles, let me know in the "comments" section of this post.

A reminder--if you are a member of Academic Decathlon, and would like to start your own blog, email me at and I'll help you set one up.

Team captains: I have posted. Your turn...

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Agenda: Summer Session I

By the time most of you read this, the meeting will be over, but nevertheless...

Location: Portable 7
Time: 12:00 - 3:00 pm
Bring: Money for Pizza. No resources this time.

1. Sign In, Collect Pizza Money & Order Pizza
2. Man, Gorilla, Gun Game
3. Team Web Activity
4. Discuss: Summer Attendance, Flags & Banners, Decathlete's Creed

-Read "Antigone"
-Test Next Session over Antigone