Monday, June 27, 2005

Yet Another Correction

Isaac picked up on another error in the rankings, concerning the 13th, 14th, and 15th ranked Decathletes. Gisela Gonzalez and Isaac Martinez, who both have an overall score of 1067, are respectively ranked 13th and 14th. Ivonee Diaz, with a score of 1075, is ranked 15th. Obviously, Ivonee should be ahead of Gisela and Isaac. Don't worry, the explanation is simple: I'm sure all of you remember that there was an error scoring Ivonee's test. After Ivonee pointed it out, her score was changed. At this point, the spreadsheet should have been resorted to reflect the change, but it wasn't. But don't worry, Jonathan is here to save the day. Here are the absolutely-without-a-doubt correct rankings and scores. Unless someone else notices something. Let a coach or team captain know if such a case occurs. And everyone thank the White Falcons team captain Isaac Martinez for noticing the mistake.

Corrected Overall Individual 6-22-05

Thursday, June 23, 2005

First Summer Scores and a Correction

Today's meeting exceeded expectations--let's hope that's a trend for the year to come! If you click the link below, it will take you to a printout of the current Overall Individual Ranking (plus top gun and team scores).

Overall Individual 6-22-05

On another note, I must apologize for a mistake in today's meeting. When I announced the team rankings, I miscalculated. A few of you must have been surprised to hear the White Falcons come in third place as a team, when all five of their "counted" scores were in the top ten overall. Indeed, upon recalculation, the White Falcons team score turns out to be 5,884 placing them second, and the Purple Protozoa with 5,624 placing them third. Black Fury's scores remain unchanged. Feel free to check my math--that's why we post the scores. Remember, for team scores, only the top five count for each team.

Keep up the good work, enjoy studying, and I'll see you in two weeks.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Extra information and whatnot

There is a website in circulation, and rumor has it that several of the Renaissance test questions will be drawn from the information contained therein. The link is as follows: CLICK ME! Alternatively, the address is Having said that, all other information pertaining to the 2nd Summer Session is contained in the post below. Have fun!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Summary of the First Summer Meeting and What's Happening At the Next

And we're off to the races again.

Good attendance for the first meeting, I think. Black Fury had a total of nine team members show up, out of thirteen. I believe the White Falcons had seven at the end of the day, and both were championed by the overall (note: overall) ten member attendance of the Purple Protozoa. Now if we only had an attendance captains?

Speaking of team captains. Purple Protozoa, in case you are unaware but happen to be reading this, your team captain, Noemi Beltran, is currently far, far away attempting to create a future for herself after high school. We all wish her luck, of course. In the mean time, the Purple Protozoa shall be lead into battle by her equally competent and more experienced section leader, Ivonee Diaz. Unless I am mistaken, and am just speaking gibberish, of course.

I shall now take this time to recognize the return of the White Falcons' section leader, Richard Castro, from ROTC camp...that's all we'll say about him.

Returning to the matter at hand, I would like to congratulate my own team, the Black Fury, on winning the first Spirit Banner of the year, based on their knowledge of the Decathlete's Creed! I was impressed with your ability to memorize it so thoroughly in such a short period of time (although I actually did mention that we would be doing that very thing at my team meeting during the school year).

Onward then, to the subject matter of the next meeting. As I'm sure all who attended the last meeting are aware, we are testing over the Fundamentals of Economics (packet Mr. Locke handed out) and the Renaissance - more specifically, what caused it - described in a handout given out by Coach Weatherford and some notes that some of the more dedicated Decathletes might have taken (hint hint).

When: Wednesday, June 22nd, 2005, from 1-4 P.M. Expect a phone call a couple of days in advance.
Where: Portable A, unless otherwise stated
What to bring: Pencils or pens, paper, 3-4 for pizza
What's to be covered: Rumors speak of math and more economics...bring all the resources you have.

How was that post for a Mr. Locke impression?