Sunday, December 03, 2006

District Competition

Yesterday we competed in District competition, a competition which we had all been longing for, some more than others of course. We started out in the summer with a group of 40, of whom which 15 stood up to the challenge and made the district team. After a let down at invitational competition your very own Sunset Academic Decathlon came back with a vengence and made its way into the history books. Sunset, for the very first time ever, won the Academic Decathlon District competition placing first in the Super Quiz Relay and first overall. Our scholastic division did a fantastic job by sweeping it in taking the gold, silver, and bronze medals for overall individual scorer, however. Our honors and varsity divisions did nothing less, they too stepped up and helped bring Sunset to victory. Honorable mention goes to all the district team members for all of their hard work and support of their team members. Noemi Beltran (captain), Jonathan Vines, Anabel Simental, Juan Carlos Gonzalez, Leonel Garcia, Jovani Alejandro, Vanesha Reed, Karina Gonzalez, Lisette Padilla, Martin Rodriguez, Efrain Esparza, Jackie Fernandez, Andrew Lopez, Angelica Beltran, and Gustavo Vargas all competed this Saturday, and congratulations goes to every single one of them for their achievements.

Congratulations decathletes, you've done well. The road to state lies ahead now.


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