Thursday, January 26, 2006

Regional Scores

Ah, yes, another season come and gone in Sunset Academic Decathlon. January 20th and 21st, 2006, we participated in the Region X competition at Highland Park High School. Overall, we placed 17th (16th in 5A), and among DISD schools, we were second only to Townview Science and Engineering by a mere 1400 points.

Congratulations to the entire Sunset Academic Decathlon regional team. Out of nine members, seven went into the competition regional rookies, and for six of them, this was the first year in Academic Decathlon. Of those nine, eight will be returning to Academic Decathlon next year as regional veterans, as we march toward our goal of moving beyond the regional competition and on to the ever elusive State, a feat never before achieved at Sunset High School.

*corny Mr. Locke voice* Decathletes, I salute you.


P.S. I hate doing this because I'm the one posting it, but I got the Silver medal in Essay in Scholastic this year. There. Now I sound all conceited. Yay. *cries*

Regional Scores 2005-2006