Thursday, June 22, 2006

Summer Scores, June

Alright guys, two meetings down, two meetings to go. We've got the first test out of the way, and team and individual scores are now up for your perusal. You can see them here:

Overall Individual Scores, June 2006

Of course you'll all notice that most of the scores are ties; a tie for first, a tie for second, a tie for third. This is common after we've only taken one and occasionally two tests. At that point, we have to go alphabetically to determine the ranks. Don't worry if you're at the end of the alphabet and you find yourself in a tie; it doesn't happen very often, and it won't make a difference at competition, only in our ranks.

I'd like to recognize the four rookies in the top ten for their scores, and the two new captains beating out the two veteran captains in Overall team ranking. I don't know how long that will last, but...:-D

Good job everybody. Remember that our next meeting will be on July 12th. We will be taking another math test over imaginary numbers, and Mr. Lindsey says that there will be an art test as well. You never can tell with that guy, he's just not reliable. For more information, see your local neighborhood team captain.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Final Spring Scores 2006

The Spring of 2006 was a successful one for Sunset Academic Decathlon. We veterans started earlier and tested more often. The rookies were also tested more often than usual. At the request of certain veterans (Leonel Garcia, Juan Carlos Gonzalez) and for the benefit of those who have been somewhat out of the loop lately (yes, you), I'm posting the final spring veteran scores. They can be found below:

2006 Veteran Spring Scores

Also, for the benefit of any rookie who has decided to take heed to Mr. Lindsey's advice and make his or her way to this website, I will post the rookie scores for the last four tests you took only. You should already know what you made on the first four. Also included is the team that each individual was drafted to, as summer tends to have mental affects on people, causing them to lose their memories. Again, scores below:

2006 Rookie Spring Scores

As always, comments are encouraged and appreciated.