Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Short Sixth Week

As the title says, this week was indeed a very short one, there were only three days of AcaDec this week. We only had the chance to go over Lit and Soc this week, therefore only two tests were administered this week. Competition is as tough as it can be, the battle for the number one spot is up for grabs, and decathletes are working very hard to attain their goal. In this week's rankings there is an addition. Six weeks grades are included this time, great isn't it? You don't have to wait to see your report card to see what your grade in AcaDec was. Well with out any more waiting, because I am sure you are eager to see the ranks already, here are this week's ranks:

Overall Individual Scores, Fall 2006, Week Six

Great first six weeks decathletes, and now suit up for a very important second six weeks, for Invitationals draws near...

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Week Five

So this is maybe late, but hey, website has to stay updated.

Overall Individual Scores, Fall 2006, Week Five

Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Fantastic Week Four

So here we are again. Very productive week we had, we covered social science, music, and literature. Scores just keep on getting better and better, at the average, so good job decathletes, you are showing your improvement, and with this, only more competition arises. Yes, this of course means that we have more changes in ranks! Yay! I know you are all excited and just can't wait to see your rank. (Of course I'm talking about Lucio here, the guy is eager to see ranks), so without any further ado... here are this week's ranks!

Overall Individual Scores, Fall 2006, Week Four

Great week four decathletes, keep up the good work, and suit up for a week five.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

I Don't Know if I Can Take All This Excitement

Look at all the movement! People trading places like crazy I tell you. I told you guys, once the year picks up, the competition level will go through the roof. And it has; you couldn't get a piece of paper between the difference in Total Scores of some Decathletes.

Welcome to the Top Ten Andrew Zermeno. In your face, Leonel! :-D

I hope looking at the weekly scores is giving some of you an idea of just how dynamic things are in Academic Decathlon. Your position one week gives no prediction of what your position could be next week, with the right amount of studying.

Ok, ok, fine, fine, here are the ranks from the midpoint of the First Six Weeks:

Overall Individual Scores, Fall 2006, Week Three

Have a nice day!