Saturday, October 21, 2006

Dime Week (Or Week Ten)

We are getting closer and closer to Invitationals competition as we keep on testing. This week we went over SQW and SOC, and we had the pleasure of previewing a couple of speeches as well. We are in our last couple of weeks decathletes, Invitationals is just around the corner, and this is no time for slacking off. Ranks are still changing, and congratulations to Jovani and Noemi for moving up in what seemed to be a settled area of ranks. And here are your ranks.

Overall Individual Scores, Fall 2006, Week Ten

A friendly reminder to all of you: study hard! :D

Friday, October 13, 2006

Nueve and the Milestones

Several things happened this week as per previous year scores being surpassed. Among them, Vanesha Reed, Sophia Ramirez, Gisela Gonzalez, and Jesus Velazquez have beaten their total scores from last year, while we are still two tests away from the total number we took last year (27 to 29). Vanesha destroyed hers by almost 2,000 points. Also, Noemi Beltran, Jovani Alejandro, and myself (last year ranked one, two, and three respectively) have all passed their previous year scores.

However, there are two even bigger milestones to which I'm referring.

One is the fact that all of the top five ranked Decathletes have beaten the Number One score from last year (19,890). Once again, we are still two tests short of last year's total, so this is a great accomplishment.

The other milestone is the 20,000 point mark reached by all of the top three Decathletes this week. Yet again I remind you that we have only taken 27 tests.

A special recognition goes to Noemi Beltran who, by way of two gold medals and one silver on this week's tests has closed the gap between 4th and 5th place from almost 400 points to a mere 20 points (or the equivalent of one question on an actual Acadec test).

And now, my dear Decathletes, your scores.

Overall Individual Scores, Fall 2006, Week Nine

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Week The Eight

Well it has been eight weeks already. The results of ranks only promote a promising year. Of course it is hard not to say so when you have veterans who have already surpassed their total scores from last year with the testing not over yet. Congratulations goes to Anabel, Lucio, Leonel, Agustin O., Karina, Samuel, Rebecca (or Becky), and myself (funny I'm congratulating myself, heh), who have all passed their total scores from last year with many more veterans to do the same very soon A special mention, Vanesha is 100 points away from passing her total from last year. Ranks keep on tightening up, the race for the number one spot in particular. Okay, well enough of me telling you how we have been doing and how we are compared to last year, here are the scores.

Overall Individual Scores, Fall 2006, Week Eight

We are getting closer and closer to our first competition decathletes, which is November 11th. Yet another week of hard work approaches us, and it only gets funner, for it's time for plenty of super quiz.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


I wanted to write about how we had gotten to 20 tests, but since we're at 21, I wrote that instead. We're taking about 3 tests a week; in 3 more weeks we will have eclipsed the total number of tests we took last year (29) in preparation for invitational. It is interesting to note that many of the returning decathletes have already surpassed their total scores after 21 tests from last year; for instance, I've surpassed mine by about 2,500 points. And Juan Carlos tells me he is about 500 points away from surpassing his total score from all 29 tests last year, which is a tremendous improvement. He should have that by the end of this week. The point of this is that the core of returning veterans for this year has made a huge leap in test scores, and Sunset is well on its way to doing things that haven't been done before (including, but not limited to, winning district). Anyway, enough of that. Onward with the scores:

Overall Individual Scores, Fall 2006, Week Seven

Also, I've added a Top Team Award Section based on Team Performance in each of the Individual Subjects.