Sunday, February 11, 2007

Regional Competition

Well it's almost been about a month since we competed in the Region X Academic Decathlon Competition, which was held January 19-20. We had been preparing for this competition to the stretches of Spring of 2006. We worked through a Summer. We went through a vigorous competitive stretch in the Fall. We went through our 2oth Invitational Competition to place 2nd, 3rd, and 4th with our three individual teams. We went determined and motivated to District Competition, and made history by taking first place for the very first time ever in Sunset's history. We then worked even harder, as we worked through a Winter break, where we not only worked on the 7 subjects, but we added speech, impromptu, and interview. Then regionals came.

On January 19, we gave out our speeches and went through an interview. The next day we went through several hours of testing. When the awards ceremony came Sunset was honored by having two individuals medal, in Jonathan Vines, and Leonel Garcia. Jonathan took the silver medal in literature, in the scholastic division, while Leonel took the bronze in art, in the varsity division, respectively.

Our aim for State Competition was however short. Sunset missed the cut by about 900 points, however. Respectively, we did better than any other previous AcaDec team did before. Take a look for yourself:

Sunset Regional Scores 2007

Decathletes thank you for working hard. Thank you Angelica and Gustavo for, although being alternates, and first year Decathletes, along with Andrew, still staying by and working hard. Anabel and Andrew thanks for all the hard work. For the seniors, thank you Martin for although it being your first year, you still worked hard and made it. Lisette, Jovani, Leonel thank you for those two years of hard work. Last but definately not least, thank you Noemi and Jonathan for giving AcaDec three years of hard work and endless studying. The run may have come short yes, but the memories made this year and in past years will live on forever