Tuesday, August 30, 2005

And now...

These are the Overall Individual Rankings as they stand as of August 26th, 2005. Two weeks, five tests. You might notice a few subtle changes between this week and last.

Overall Individual Fall 2005, Week Two

As you wish, Mr. Locke...

These are the Fall Overall Individual Rankings after the first round of testing. The current rankings are coming next.

Fall Overall Individual 2005, Week One

Saturday, August 13, 2005


Okay, just kidding. HERE are the final summer 2005 scores.

Real Overall Individual Summer 2005

Friday, August 12, 2005

Final Summer 2005 Scores (maybe)

Summer is finally over, and school is right around the weekend. Congratulations to each of the teams: Purple Protozoa, winners of the Summer Spirit
Banner; the White Falcons, winners of the Summer Attendance Banner; and the Black Fury, the 2005 Summer Champions. Good job to each of the Top Gun winners and each and every individual team member. Attendance this summer was better than Sunset Academic Decathlon has seen in a good few years, and more people took all of the tests.

So now without further ado...

Overall Individual Summer 2005

And now...it all gets erased! Yes, that's right...clean slate when school starts. Which means that those of you who think you got off to a bad start can show what you really have, and give those arrogant veterans a run for their money. Now it gets serious...