Saturday, October 07, 2006

Week The Eight

Well it has been eight weeks already. The results of ranks only promote a promising year. Of course it is hard not to say so when you have veterans who have already surpassed their total scores from last year with the testing not over yet. Congratulations goes to Anabel, Lucio, Leonel, Agustin O., Karina, Samuel, Rebecca (or Becky), and myself (funny I'm congratulating myself, heh), who have all passed their total scores from last year with many more veterans to do the same very soon A special mention, Vanesha is 100 points away from passing her total from last year. Ranks keep on tightening up, the race for the number one spot in particular. Okay, well enough of me telling you how we have been doing and how we are compared to last year, here are the scores.

Overall Individual Scores, Fall 2006, Week Eight

We are getting closer and closer to our first competition decathletes, which is November 11th. Yet another week of hard work approaches us, and it only gets funner, for it's time for plenty of super quiz.


At 7:51 PM, Noemi said...

I cannot begin to explain the level of your queerness Juan. This comment will have to suffice. I must talk to you about your vocabulary...


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